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Hi, I'm Efrat

In the last 25 Years I helped fast growing businesses in scaling and building excellent global technical teams!

*Founded Google's R&D team in Israel. Headed The Talent Acquisition Team.
*Led Recruiting for some of Google sites in EMEA
*Led WAZE hiring since the acquisition in 2013
*Global Talent Acquisition Leader in Google Headquarters in MTV, CA.
*Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Lyft, Level 5, Autonomous Driving Division in Palo Alto, CA
*Global Head of Talent at Next Insurance in Palo Alto, CA and Israel.

in 2021 I have founded Workaround to help recruiting teams and companies scale and resolve recruiting challenges. Workaround offers unique services such as:

Strategy Development for Talent Acquisition
Hiring Process Development
Talent Acquisition Management Coaching
Work/ HR TECH validation and POC
Courses for Technical Recruiting and Talent Leadership
Workshops for recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers including quick ramp up for recruiting teams.



How Can I help ?

  Advising Founders, Managers ,HR and Talent Teams and People in General :)

Advisor for  Founders, Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition Teams

Hiring Strategy 

Data Driven Hiring 

Developing Hiring Processes and Decision Making Processes

Workshops and 

Training for Hiring Teams  

Executive Search

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